The island of music, poetry and hospitality

The gods Artemis and Apollo, chose Zakynthos for its idyllic landscapes nestled in green, for the marvelous sandy beaches, the deep blue waters and marine caves, for its magical sunsets and the mild climate. Today the visitor can enjoy Zakynthos, for the same reasons, but also for its serenades, the hospitable environment and the culture. These holidays will remain engraved in your memory forever with the perfume of jasmine.

Zakynthos is known as the “Flower of the Levant” or “Zante” as it has been dubbed, is a place that made many men of letters and arts, like Solomos, Kalvos, Ksenopoulos and maintains still high cultural level.

How to enrich your vacation:

You can visit local wineries and taste world-famous local wine. There are numerous churches, museums and monuments, all unique with important history that makes them worth visiting. The NGO Archelon, a national organization that protect the loggerhead turtle and the monks seal, and the National Marine Park provide special programs for the entire family. You can also visit Askos Stone Park, which hosts many animals, birds and plants of the region. All guests are advised to do daily trips around the island by boat, or smaller programs with small boats that go to specific places or underwater to observe the turtle. Other day trip destinations include our neighboring island Kefalonia and Ancient Olympia in mainland Greece. Another great activity for all ages is Sarakinado Water Park. For evening adventures you can try the horse carriages or the motorized sightseeing train either from Zakynthos port or Argassi. For nature lovers, you should try hiking and biking as well as scuba diving and sailing. Theatrical performances and concerts of famous artists at the open theater of the island are quite often too. But certainly taverns with traditional recipes and small ensembles that interpret original songs ‘’Kantades’’ as famous Zakynthos and the Ionian Islands for these are worth visiting.

Zakynthos’ Sightseeing:

  • Venetian Castles
  • The church of St. Dionysios
  • The church of St. Mavra
  • The picturesque suburb of Bochali
  • The Strani Hill
  • The Dionisios Solomos Museum
  • The Byzantine Museum
  • The beautiful widespread beaches of Argassi and Vasilikos with the
  • famous turtle caretta-caretta
  • The Shipwreck
  • Xigia Beach with thermal water
  • Keri lake
  • Daphni Beach
  • Marathonisi
  • Strofades small islands
  • Kampi
  • Limnionas
  • St. Sostis Kameo
  • Kalamaki beach
  • Porto Zoro, Porto Roma, Porto Koukla beaches
  • The blue marine caves