Breakfast at Mirabelle Hotel never fails to pair the abundance of tastes and aromas with the values of simplicity, clarity and purity. Our guests can enjoy food from the 10m buffet Greek – American – English Breakfast daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. The delicious hearty buffet includes delicacies from the international and local cuisine, as well as energy-boosting, yet healthier choices: scrambled – boiled – omelet – fried eggs, bacon, sausages, fresh fruits, fruit compote, cakes, waffles, pastries, many types of bread, rusks, bagels, croissant, brioche cookies, tarts, cereals and bars, yogurt, jams, hazelnut praline, honey, cheese and ham selections, smoked turkey, salads, pickles, fresh juices, and, of course, coffee, milk, chocolate milk and tea. Everything is made with fresh ingredients and prepared by special attention.

Everything is cooked with care, taste and with the finest materials. Mirabelle Hotel  is very proud to offer certified Greek healthy breakfast.. The high nutritional value of the Zakynthian-Greek products contributes to the gastronomic culture and the special character of the local tradition. We choose reliable local producers and authentic recipes that make up a unique gastronomic paradise. The basic ingredients are Zakynthian virgin olive oil, olive harvesting and processing olives, olive paste, raisins, eggs, honey, sesame, semolina, almonds, walnuts, maize, legumes and Greek butter (cow- and vegetable- based). Freshly baked pies with cheese, spinach and meat stay forever in the memory of visitors. Warm fresh breads of various types come daily from a local traditional oven. Greek hot coffee is served in the ham and herbal drinks (mountain tea, chamomile, peppermint, etc.) traditional hot soups with trachana, legumes, vegetables, traditional jams and especially the “praousto” with yellow plum as a trademark of the hotel color. The local cheeses such as Graviera, feta, Kasseri, Mizithra the local “prenza”, the special greedy cheese, the delicious ham on the one hand, as well as the dried fruits, the local sweets and snacks such as pastels, mandola, as well as the traditional Greek desserts, such as rizogalo, galatopita and semisweet melted halva, will please the guests. Balance comes with Zakynthian “kayana”, the scrambled omelet with tomatoes, followed by the local nuts with raisins and local wine. Also, the zucchini boar with cornflour is a gourmet dish with cinnamon, orange juice and grated nuts among many other materials. “Couloura” is the epitome of the different tastes gathered in a bite, without altering the material from the other, but on the contrary binding each other and showing up separately. Guests can taste baked melting eggplants with garlic, tomato, oregano and olive oil, while no one should leave Zakynthos without tasting the “beloutsiotika” onions offered in salad with beans and mustard or boiled potatoes, garlic and other herbs. Guests should not leave the breakfast area without trying the unique handmade spicy tomato sauce that is offered in small crispy bread rolls, making the famous “Riganada of Zakynthos” with cheese, butter, and, of course, fresh aromatic oregano.

Our breakfast includes vegetarian and dairy/gluten-free options, upon request.

Half board

Our hotel offers half board for our guests who want to stay on site and have dinner. We provide a 4-course package per person (appetizer, salad, main dish and dessert) or a pack of 2 dishes per person (main dish and salad).

We provide a daily menu and every morning guests can choose what they want to eat that day. Food is served from 16:30 to 21:00 and is delivered to the guest’s room.

Our menu contains a variety of meat, fish, legumes – soups, pasta, and oil based vegetables dishes.

Snack and drinks

Mirabelle Hotel offers great variety of affordable snacks, coffee, drinks, and beverages. You can buy them either by ordering from the hotel staff during open hours or by using our vending machines available 24/7.